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A wide range of equipment

Specialist steels and rigorous quality control ensure a consistently high standard of production and finish. All our roll bars are tested to ISO 3471 standard using our in-house testing facility, full certification is provided for every bar produced. FOPS (Falling Object Protection Systems) can be provided when required.

Tandem vibrating rollers

Ref No. Make Model
R104 Ammann DT200
R111 Ammann DTV113
R057 Ammann DTV133
R098 Ammann DTV233H
R003 Benford TV100
R003 Benford TV120
R031 Benford TV1200H
R031 Benford TV1200
R003 Benford TV130
R031 Benford TV1300
R030 Benford TV75
R004 Benford TV750
R004 Benford TV751
R030 Benford TV90
R004 Benford TV901
R030 Benford TVH100
R084 Bomag 138AD
RO38 Bomag BW130AD
R038 Bomag BW100AD
R055 Bomag BW100AD-2
R018 Bomag BW100ADL
R038 Bomag BW120AD
R055 Bomag BW120AD-2
R029 Bomag BW75ADL
R020 Bomag BW80ADH
R020 Bomag BW90AD
R029 Bomag BW90ADL
R020 Bomag BW80AD
R209 Case Vibromax
R079 Dynapac 75H
R050 Dynapac CC121
R002 Ingersoll CR32
R002 Ingersoll DD22
R093 Ingersoll DD23
R002 Ingersoll DD24
R093 Ingersoll DD25
R002 Ingersoll DD32
R227 Stother & Pitt Roller



Ref No. Make Model
R092 Ausa 108DA/DH
R033 Ausa 108DA/DH
R237F Beaver 500
R077 Barford SX2000
R077 Barford SX3000
R077 Barford SX4000
R024 Barford SX5000
R024 Barford SX6000
R119 Barford SXR8000
R119 Barford SX9000
R024 Barford SX7000
R077 Barford SXR3000
R024 Barford SXR4000
R024 Barford SXR5000
R024 Barford SXR6000
R024 Barford SXR7000
R120 Benford 100
R120 Benford 150
R107 Benford 23CWT
R107 Benford 25CWT
R090 Benford 2000-4000
R090 Benford 5000-6000
R026 Benford 2000-4000
R026 Benford 5000-6000
R005 Benford 2000-4000
R005 Benford 5000-6000
R063 Benford TT2000
R165 Benford TT2500
R165 Benford TT3000
R164 Benford TT3000
R065 Benford TT4000MK1
R082 RJE 2000
R082 RJE 2500
R081 RJE 3000
R042 RJE 5000
R042 RJE 6000
R097 Compair Holman 2000
R097 Compair Holman 2500
R097 Compair Holman 3000
R097 Compair Holman 4000
R094 Compair Holman 5000
R094 Compair Holman 6000
R091 Compair Holman 6000
R091 Compair Holman 5500R
R085 Compair Holman 3500R
R088 Lifton LS500
R017F Lifton LS750
R017F Pel-Job ED750
R110F Roughneck 10 CWT
R068 Stothert & Pitt 6 Ton
R068 Stothert & Pitt 5 Ton
R068 Stothert & Pitt 4 Ton
R075 Stothert & Pitt 3 Ton
R040 Stothert & Pitt 2 Ton
R106F Thwaites Sprite 750
R118 Thwaites Orline 2500
R099 Thwaites 3000 Hi-Swivel
R009 Thwaites 4000
R023 Thwaites 4000
R009 Thwaites 6000
R116 Thwaites 6000
R010 Thwaites 7000
R011 Thwaites 7000
R010 Thwaites 8000H
R001 Thwaites 9000
R012 Thwaites 9000
R001 Thwaites 4 Ton
R012 Thwaites 4 Ton
R008 Thwaites 5 Ton
R051 Thwaites 5 Ton
R014 Thwaites 5 Ton
R021 Thwaites 6 Ton
R022 Thwaites 6 Ton
R021 Thwaites 7 Ton
R121 Winget 2B1000
R121 Winget 2B1500
R087 Winget 4B2000
R070 Winget 4B2500
R071 Winget 4B3000
R070 Winget 4B50
R126 Winget 4C4000
R126 Winget 4C5000
R039 Winget 4S4000
R039 Winget 4S5000
R039 Winget 4S6000

Tracked dumpers

Ref No. Make Model
R108F Yanmar C10R
R117 Yanmar C25R
R117 Yanmar C30R
R102 Yanmar C30R-1
R060 Yanmar YFW250
R056 Yanmar C50R-2
R160 Kubota KC121
R101 Kubota RC20 / RC23
R224 Kubota RG 30
R109 Takeuchi TC960D35
R152F Yamaguchi WB 12 H
R153F Yamaguchi WB 16 H
R147 Bradshaw BFG
R122 Marooka MST 300
R242 Hitachi Landy CG15
R202 IHI IC30

Mini excavators

Ref No. Make Model
R007 Kubota / Case KX36 &KX41
R232F Kubota K 008
R232F Kubota U 10
R178 Kubota U 20
R041F Yanmar Scoppy B05
R103F Yanmar Scoppy B08
R167F Yanmar BO8-3
R175 Yanmar B12
R045F Takeuchi TB 007
R144 Belle 5070
R149 Kobelco 09 SR
R131 Nissan 1.2
R133 Nissan 2.2
R132 Nissan 3.2

Wheeled loaders

Ref No. Make Model
R125F Mitsubishi WS706

Atv's/Utility vehicles

Ref No. Make Model
R073 Kawasaki Mule KAF 300
R074 Kawasaki Mule KAF 620


Ref No. Make Model
R136 Ford 6610 special
R193F Benassi BT 2002K-DT


Ref No. Make Model
R170 Caterpillar D4E
R171 Caterpillar D6
R172 Caterpillar D8

Groundcare equipment/Mowers

Ref No. Make Model
R048F Kubota F 2560
R048F Kubota F 3060
R048F Kubota F 3560
R187F Kubota G 2160
R221F Kubota G 1700
R221F Kubota G 1900
R226F Hayter LT324
R228F Hayter LT312
R234F Hayter LT224
R238F Ransoms Highway 2130
R233F Ransoms T Plex 185d Triple mower
R194F Jacobson T4280
R112 Hustler Shortcut 1500
R197F Ferris IS 3000Z
R208F Ferris IS 5000Z
R208F Ferris IS 1000 mower
R198F Scag STT31BSD
R222 Toro Mower
R235F Toro


R225 John Deere Gator
R229F John Deere Roberine
R230F John Deere 2653A

'F' denotes folding roll-bar

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